Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation

Automation Engineering & IT
Technology and Business Incubator ; Romanian IRC 4D

IPA CIFATT, Craiova, Romania, 12, Stefan cel Mare street, zip: 200130, tel / fax: +40251-412290; +40251-418882,
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Network for Business Consulting Business Support Provider Investors in People

Romanian IRC 4D




Ensure rooms in order to carry on company activity


Conferrence room, protocol room, protocol terrace, events organizer, upkeeping


Access to common utilities: electric power, water, sewer, thermal power and cooling agent


Acces to communication infrastructure

  • telephone station
  • Internet connection, servers, computers, network;
  • xerox, secretariat: taking over messages, supply primary informations;
  • auxiliary services: repairs and usual maintenance;
  • processing editing, multiply and promoting matherials;
  • project and design Internet presentations. =
  • comunication-informing services, reception-desk for postal services,


Specialized services

  • PR services – personnel recomandations
  • Business assistance services for innovation and technological transfer;
  • Atracting research funds consultance
  • Services for dissemination of project informations, events, business opportunities;
  • Services for technological inform, tehnological audit, tehnologic prognosis;
  • Assistance and consultance services for industrial property rights explotation;
  • Company management services and technical management;
  • Research-development services;
  • Consultance and assistance services for creating prototypes and experimental models;
  • Creating documentation for industrial property rights exploitation, invention folders;
  • Assistance and consultance services for financial and legal domain.


Assistance services

  • Consultance for obtain funds from other programmes;
  • Identify partners from universitary and research environment;
  • Grant access to specialized databases;
  • Information’s regarding national, regional and local priorities;
  • Creating national and international partnerships for projects


Participation at national / international events ; Personal formation, human resourdes

  • Workshops participation, exhibitions, symposiums, product presentation where the entity has facilities (50% of tax fee if payed acording to present legislation, for one person)
  • Personal formation, human resources, in national and international projects where entity is partner or at beneficiary request, on demanded thematic


Access to technologies, equipments, technical assistance for technological development


Consulting for national and international technological transfer


Promotion of TTT offers and request

Incubated companties:

  • SC INDA Eltrac SA - High power electronic equipment producer for industrial operations and electrical traction
  • SC CLTTE SRL - Producer of linear three-phase switchers for electrical transformer of medium power
  • SC VIG IMPEX SRL ; URANUS ; SC DIGITAL IMPEX SRL - Producer of data aquisition equipments, recording electrical events sistem, IT
  • Softexpert SRL ; Renato PFI ; SC Digital Systems - Software producer
  • SC ExInvent ROM SRL ; SC ECOCERT DEZ SRL - Research and development for technical sciences, invent, industrial property
  • SC FEVRODEST AGORA SRL ; SC AICI SRL - Publishing house, typography, advertising, IT, birotics, cummunication equipments, furniture
  • SC ROMCABLU SRL - Design, repairing elevating instalations, rolling bridges modernisation, lifting cables
  • SC AMZUCORA PROD SRL; Best Consulting - Consulting for business domain; Financial consulting
  • SC ZAMAR IMPEX SRL - Producer of electronic equipments and instalations for thermal power plant
  • SC MASTER MASTER SRL - Engineering for open pits
  • SC Alex – Andre SRL - Retailnotincluded - Textile manufacturing and technologies, textile e-commerce, furniture

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Romania Inoveaza - Dezvoltarea capacităţii ANCS de elaborare a politicilor publice în domeniul inovării şi al transferului tehnologic pentru asigurarea unei dezvoltări socio-economice durabile

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