Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation


From idea, certificate and innovation thru technological transfer and services at
highly innovative units with activity based on added value

ARoTT - Romanian Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation is a professional organization of technological transfer and innovation profile units, a non-governmental and non-profit organization.


Evaluation report (pdf file)

Association purpose

  • Promoting and protecting business environment of technological transfer entities (incubators, parks, etc) and innovative business from Romania,
  • Promote professional interest of members,
  • Strengthening professional authority of entities and their social prestige,
  • Increased competitively by reinforcing technological and innovation base.

ARoTT attributes

  • Promote and protect professional and commercial interest of members.
  • Organize and promote professional and commercial contacts of entities from same activity domain.
  • Elaborate and promote legislative initiatives for members and facilitate members access to governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Organize and ensure support for collaboration between members.
  • Assistance and promote of individual, common or third person projects.
  • Competitive industry thru:
  • Promote economical competitively concept thru R&D and Innovation.
  • Promote ethical conduct foot members;
  • Promote quality in members activity.
  • Promote durable development concept for/thru members activity.
  • Stimulate and promote innovative activities, protect technical and intellectual rights.
  • Promote industry image inside and outside of country.
  • Ensure competitive informational flux and non-discriminatory dissemination of data for members.
  • Perform technological transfer activities, research-development, studies and strategy development, creating databases, centralize information’s and ensure non-discriminatory access of members.
  • Promote and participate at informational and knowledge society implementation from Romania.
  • Organize improving actions inside/outside of country for members benefit.
  • Organize events and programs for young people in order to promote Informational Society and Knowledge Society.
  • Association demonstrate representative and advisory character thru:
  • Represent and sustain professional, commercial or group interest of members in front of governmental or non-governmental organization/institutions from our country or foreign countries; 
  • Study elaboration, information sharing, specialty consulting for members or third persons\;
  • Propose to legal organization promoting of normative documents for members;
  • Initiate meetings and professional contacts.

ARoTT members, associations, organizations with juridical personality, profit or non-profit, legal private and organizations from universitary environment which are joining to actual statute.

Objective: Increasing number of products and technology offers or used thru technological transfer.
Reaching the objective:

  • Identify and promote innovative products;
  • Promote technological cooperation;
  • Access to research results.

What is trans-national technological transfer

  • The proces thru which information, knowledge, ideea or technology developed by an organisation for a certain purpose are used or applied in other organisation from other area and different purpose.
  • Relation between innovators and applicants which leads to creation or development of new products, technologies or systems;
  • Selling or exchange of intellectual properties regarding a technology, involving producer agreement;
  • Successful application or adaptation of developed technology of one unit in such way that will correspond for necessities of more units;
  • Assuming technology, know-how or experience from one unit to another, industrial sector to another, from research to market as an innovation element (which not include just simple commerce);

Ensured services

  1. Promoting research results for industry and international partners;
  2. Identify new technology offers and requires;
  3. Consultance and promoting of new technologies;
  4. Consultance regarding industrial property, technological transfer trans-national;
  5. Organize and participate at international meetings, brokerage, market and exhibitions;
  6. Dissemination; creating partnerships;
  7. Contractors forming;
  8. Support for implementing new products or technologies;
  9. Requirements evaluation and offers for SME’s and their international collaboration abilities;
  10. Consultancy for certify according to ISO 9001 quality standards.


  • Creating a network in order to stimulate partnerships and developing new promoting innovation strategies;
  • Stimulate local communications in order to identify problems, finding solutions and actors for  implementation;
  • Creating SME’s – Local administration – Research – Innovation – University – Civil society – Industrial units partnerships in order to develop thru innovation;
  • Information gathering, create partnerships opportunities and business development.
  • Increasing number of innovative units based on high added value and number of efficient units based on innovative technologies.

News & Events

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